ShowZone was establish as a performance group with the aim of putting on yearly variety shows to give children and young people the opportunity perform to an audience. However as ShowZone grew the children and young people were invited to take part in projects with various other organisations, as well as needed the opportunity to work on smaller scale pieces that allowed for skill development. 

This resulted in ShowZone EXTRAZ, a group that focuses on projects taking 4-8 weeks, developing not only performance based skills but technical and administrative too, giving the children and young people a broader insight and experience in what opportunities are available in the arts. 

Community Engagement


Since 2020 and the start of the Pandemic children & young people have never been more disconnected from their communities. By working with partners across North Wales we hope that we will be able to bring everyone together again.

Coronavirus films


The young people of ShowZone EXTRAZ first project is an opportunity to be actors, directors and producers of short films entitled "Coronavirus & Me" telling their stories about how Coronavirus has effected them. 

This will give them an opportunity to discuss the impact of their time during the pandemic in a safe space, work on their storytelling, film and TV acting, directing and camera operating.

Skill Development


From the physical performing arts to personal, social and emotional development. Here at ShowZone ExtraZ we want to see our children and young people develop into well round individuals with high employability skills.